Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Solutions for Industry

M2M Europe's solutions are specifically designed to meet evolving tracking, monitoring and control requirements in the transportation and distribution, heavy equipment, maritime, oil and gas and government industries.


M2M Europe is a leading provider of fleet management devices and solutions for two-way tracking and control of dry van and refrigerated trailers, containers, chassis, railcars and more.


Heavy Equipment

Whether you are an OEM, dealer, contractor, or equipment rental business, M2M Europe offers a complete, multi-network M2M telematics solution to track and monitor remote heavy equipment.



M2M Europe provides critical near real-time vessel monitoring, ocean buoy tracking and other services specifically in the field of yacht chartering, yacht monitoring and communication services for smaller yacht owners travelling outside GSM coverage.


Oil and Gas / Utilities

M2M Europe devices are used to remotely monitor SCADA systems and fixed equipment, ensure cathodic protection, and control remote water and utilities infrastructure.



M2M Euope-enabled remote mobile tracking devices and solutions are used to protect people and monitor vital assets while enabling mission-critical communications around the world.