Emergency Preparedness

Better communication means better emergency preparedness, quicker evacuations, and improved logistics during post-disaster crisis management.

From providing the communication link for flood modelling software, to tracking vehicles and containers during storms, ORBCOMM satellite and satellite-cellular solutions provide an easy and cost-effective way to connect people to vital equipment during times of distress.

Satellite provides a reliable way to transmit routine information before, during and after extreme weather events, and fills in the communication gaps when cellular is no longer an option.

5 Reasons to Add Satellite for Emergency Events Management:

  1. Weather Monitoring: Collect and transmit near real-time data from weather instruments or data loggers connected to sensors.
  2. Warning Systems: Monitor and activate/deactivate siren warning systems, check for status and maintenance issues.
  3. Fleet Management: Maintain GPS tracking of rescue vehicles and enable text-messaging for mobile worker communication.
  4. Post-Disaster Resource Monitoring: Transmit water quality data in real-time when sending crews into dangerous areas.
  5. Cellular Backup: Maintain vital communication links to perform the above tasks, when cellular service is congested or unavailable.

SkyWave IDP-680: Satellite for Emergency Management Communications

SkyWave IDP-600 Series

The SkyWave IDP-680 provides remote management capabilities for tracking rescue vehicles, text-messaging mobile workers and maintaining other key communications links before, during and after emergency events. Whether for emergency situations or everyday use, the IDP-680 offers a quick and smart way to connect people with equipment and enterprise systems around the world.