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Trailer Tracking

Fleet managers know they can’t afford to lose touch with trailers in transit or in the yard. Smart trailer tracking solutions reduce costs and improve trailer-to-tractor ratio while increasing capacity and visibility.

Trailer tracking solutions from ORBCOMM provide the global visibility needed to allow fleet managers to optimize utilization, reduce fuel costs, improve preventative maintenance, and more. That’s why top companies trust ORBCOMM for reliable and cost-effective trailer tracking.

Optimize Utilization and Gain Complete Trailer Visibility

  • Gain visibility of your entire fleet with two-way communications. Cost-effectively transmit as often as you need to.
  • Reduce dwell times and improve tractor-to-trailer ratio with telematics systems to ensure maximum trailer utilization.

Reduce Fuel Costs and Cycle Times

  • Track changes in fuel levels, detect theft and rapid fuel loss by reading sensor data.
  • Compare invoices with refuel events. Analyze fuel usage by customer, location and order number to further reduce fuel costs.

Improve Preventative Maintenance

  • Reduce maintenance costs by using ruggedized, solar-powered devices that don’t require disruptive and frequent battery changes.
  • Increase efficiency by proactively scheduling preventative trailer maintenance.
  • Track miles driven and engine hours in real time to monitor if a trailer is over/underutilized.

Help Prevent Trailer Theft and Unauthorized Use

  • Use geofences to track location of trailer inventory.
  • Receive alerts when trailer doors open outside set parameters, and use sensors to detect fuel theft.

Plus, use top dispatch systems (McLeodTMW SystemsPeopleNet) as the main interface for a centralized view of asset location, temperature/sensor readings, alarm events and more.

GT 1100: Reliable Trailer Tracking without the Maintenance or Battery Change Hassle

ORBCOMM’s solar-powered GT 1100

Designed specifically for trailer tracking, ORBCOMM’s solar-powered GT 1100 has a small form factor that makes it easy to install on trailers and intermodal containers to provide complete asset visibility, improve operations and lower the cost of doing business. Available in cellular or dual-mode satellite-cellular configurations.


Fleet owners today need complete visibility of their trailers to maximize utilization, reduce operational costs and improve delivery predictability. CargoWatch is a high-performance trailer tracking application optimizing logistics management solutions for transportation service providers. CargoWatch delivers visible fleet status and exception reporting to allow transportation companies to optimize their fleets and achieve a significant return on investment (ROI) immediately.

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ORBCOMM’s ReeferTrak provides advanced data reporting and analytics capabilities to increase in-transit visibility of refrigerated trailers and containers while increasing efficiency and ensuring regulatory compliance. This translates into significant fuel savings, optimized temperature settings and increased responsiveness and customer satisfaction - which contributes directly to your bottom line.

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