M2M Networks: Satellite, Cellular, Dual-Mode

As a leader in the European Machine-to-Machine industry, M2M Europe is at the forefront of technology and innovation. We are a European satellite M2M network operator, a provider of tier one cellular service and an integrator of third-party satellite networks and technology.

This multi-network capability translates into a full suite of end-to-end M2M solutions across a wide array of industries and distribution channels. Plus, our robust and flexible platform reduces the complexity of provisioning and managing M2M assets across multiple networks and technologies.

No matter what your M2M network and tracking needs, we've got you covered:


ORBCOMM is a single source of the world's best, most cost-effective tier one cellular carriers, SIM cards and connectivity to turnkey M2M solutions.



The most comprehensive set of satellite M2M offerings and solutions available in the market today, delivered over multiple reliable satellite networks.



M2M Europe dual-mode satellite-cellular network services maximize coverage and economy by offering the best of both worlds for wireless M2M connectivity.